TJ Webb

Web Developer

Hi there! I'm TJ and I'm a developer and a problem solver in Halifax, NS. I build PHP and JS sites and apps in systems like Laravel and WordPress. I dabble a bit in Ruby on Rails and the R stasticial language. I like making automation tools in node, PHP, and sometimes even Bash. I'm a Linux and OSX guy, terminal dweller, data fan, and constant learner… You may have also noticed I am, in fact, not a designer.

My focus of the last couple of years has shifted from churning out quality production for client work to churning out tools that help myself and my teammates roll out quality production for client work much faster. I've also had a focus on larger web application style development as of late as opposed to traditional, structured-content type sites.

This will be a place to keep up with all of my latest projects and blog posts. My hope is that you'll learn something here or find a new tool to improve your own workflow. All of my projects are open source and hosted on GitHub. I'm most active there and on Twitter @webbtj.

If by some strange happenstance you happen to be looking for a musician from Nova Scotia you're actually not too far off. I'm a developer & programmer by day and indie musician by night/weekend. If you were looking for my music and Google tossed you here, you'd probably be better off at