Curiculum Vitae


Hi, I’m TJ, and I’m a programmer. I currently work with tools varying from PHP, nginx, Apache, MySQL, and JavaScript to Bash Scripting, PostgreSQL, GraphQL, Linux server management, data science/analysis (R code), and game development (Unity - C#). That being said, I’ve had a decade plus career that’s had me working with VBA, VB.NET, Microsoft SQL Server, C#, ASP.NET, Python, NodeJS, Django, CNC machines, and probably some other more obscure stuff stashed in the back of my mind.


I studied Web Development at NSCC, graduating in 2005 with the highest aggregate with training in ASP.NET, VB.NET, Java, Flash, Director, JavaScript, CSS, XHTML, and PHP.

In 2006 I began freelancing, lots of PHP, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript and a bit of Flash and a smidgen of ASP to keep me on my toes. The work was sporadic, I wasn’t great at the business side (specifically charging enough), but it was what I went to school for and was what I loved.

In 2007, while continuing to freelance, I took an Application Specialist position with Kohltech Windows, primarily scripting for their order entry/sales and bill-of-material software in VB.NET. I also worked with some reporting software in C#, some VBA scripting, as well as work with some of the CNC machines. This was also where my love of automation began and I started to develop desktop software to automate some of my more mundane tasks.

Current Work

In late 2010 I moved on from both Kohltech and freelancing to join the wonderful team at Code + Mortar (then, Norex). I started mainly on WordPress development. I’d switched from Windows to OSX and Linux, .NET to PHP, and desktop to web as my nine-to-five literally overnight.

Over the years with Code + Mortar I’ve worn many hats, starting as a Developer, working up to Senior Developer, Lead Developer, Project Manager and now, Director of Product and Innovation (back stopping as a senior level dev). I’ve also served as CTO of, an offshoot crowdfunding NFP for competitive and Olympic level athletes founded with some of the Norex management team at the time.

My first few years with Code + Mortar were a lot of WordPress development; building custom themes, implementing existing plugins, and writing some of my own. Since then I’ve move onto things like MVC frameworks (Laravel, Rails), server management, configuration, and lots of automation tools, both custom builds and implementing existing solutions.

One of my biggest career motivations is education. I am a life long learner, often taking courses in subject from Data Science (R programming) to Unity game development (C#) and finding ways to bring these new tools into my work projects. I’m also dedicated to the education and learning of new programmers and students. I’ve spoken with post-secondary classes on working in the field, and have hired and worked with many current students and recent grads as co-ops, part time, and full time developers.