Manifold is a cloud services management tool, they provide integration and resource management tools for integrating various development platforms and cloud services. I built their custom Laravel integrations. Read On


cm-cli is a set of tools built on top of the WordPress CLI tool, wp-cli. These tools were a custom build to a specific workflow that *generally* included specific front-end/theme tools, but could easily be adapted. Read On


Phil automates a couple of mundane tasks that PHP and other Apache based web-devs find themselves doing on every new project: setting up a new domain in their /etc/hosts and and adding a new a new entry in their httpd.conf. Read On


Taylor was built to automate all of the boring, repetitive tasks of the workflow I've developed over the years for custom WordPress development. Taylor's goal is to allow a basic site to be built by a front-end developer with little PHP experience and to allow back-end developers to jump right into more custom and complex functionality. Read On


Binford automates the process of exposing custom fields created with Advanced Custom Fields in WordPress to the appropriate php and Smarty tpl files. Binford works well with Taylor. Read On

WASP LocalBusiness

WASP LocalBusiness is a WordPress plugin for creating LocalBusiness markup for use with Google and other search and discovery providers. This plugin relies on the "WASP" stack, WordPress, ACF, Smarty for WordPress, and Posts 2 Posts. Read On


mysql-db-clone is a small, single purpose NodeJS tool that copies a MySQL database from one server to another. Read On